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An Efficient Pre School Nursery near Quintrell Downs

If you consider putting your child in a nursery, then Kneehigh Nursery is an efficient nursery near Quintrell Downs Nurseries or preschools, nowadays, have become a need for parents having a tight schedule and could hardly spare any time for their children. Putting your child into nursery is often a difficult decision for the parents as, sometimes, they feel remorseful about their child.

However, the typical nursery narrative has been changed because now, the nurseries have upgraded to a greater extent where unmatchable services and an ideal environment are provided to the children. In modern times, a nursery is considered the home to the children where they are looked after, and certain personality characteristics are built in them.

Likewise, Kneehigh Nursery is among those institutions, which offer a wide range of services that are not sufficient for your child’s caring but to develop diverse attributes in a child’s character.

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Kneehigh Nursery was established in Newquay in 1991. Kneehigh Nursery, since its foundation, provides children a lively and friendly atmosphere where they learn and play. Kneehigh Nursery takes pride in establishing an institute where a perfect environment is guaranteed to all the children.

Our experience of 30 years allows us to progress swiftly to accomplish our goals. An overview of our services is being mentioned below.

Your childs safety is paramount - Covid safety measures in place.

Kneehigh Nursery’s Unique Principle

Kneehigh nursery knows your child’s needs and completely understands that every child’s personality must be nurtured in the best way possible. That is why Kneehigh Nursery works on the staff-to-child ratio that is:

  • 1:4 for 2-year-old children
  • 1:5 for 2 to 5-year-old children

Each nursery worker at Kneehigh strives to produce a lovely and secure environment for the children. Before hiring our staff, every candidate is passed through a difficult selection procedure to ensure that a candidate should possess the highest capacity of care. 

Knee High Nursery Background

After the candidates are selected for nursery services, their performances are constantly reviewed to ensure no negligence. Sticking to our Policies ensures our staff are held to the highest standard. This is why most parents prefer Kneehigh Nursery, as their children get an excellent opportunity to grow in a secure and joyous environment.

The testimonials given by the parents make us feel proud about the job we do. We’d always recommend a visit to our setting to watch our team members in action before confirming slot at any nurseries in Quintrell Downs.

Your child is catered for at Kneehigh Nursery!

Learning & Playing: A Nursery That Nurtures

Being the most reputable nursery near Quintrell Downs, Kneehigh Nursery provides children a variety of services and activities which help the children to grow as a fantastic and brilliant individual. It is known to everyone that the early years of your child are critical in various aspects.

As there are specialists in every field, the nursery is a specialist for children. Kneehigh’s child-centred theme contributes to the institute in providing every child the best start of life. When it comes to learning and playing, Kneehigh does not compromise to offer the best. Below are listed the activities which help children to explore and learn more.

  • Painting
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Book corner
  • Gluing
  • Collage/Junk
  • Jigsaws
  • Board games
  • Pre-writing skills
  • Construction
  • Playdoh
  • Clay
  • Role play
  • Small world play
  • Threading
  • Matching
  • Singing & dancing
  • Using iPads
  • Story time
  • Drama
  • Problem solving
  • Rhyme time
  • Outdoor play
  • Cooking

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Top Value Childcare by Quintrell Downs

We proudly claim that Kneehigh Nursery is a few nurseries that deliver top-class services at the most competitive rates. As stated earlier, Kneehigh aims at the nurturing, growth, and development of the children. That is why we offer government funding that can be availed for all children 3 to 4-year-old. As registered with HMRC, 20% of the child education and care expenses are paid by the Government.

This golden opportunity is only available for eligible parents. To know more about which category falls into the government funding policy, or find out more about our prices you can contact us as our staff is always ready to help and suggest the best to the parents.

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